Comic Books: The Changing Face Of Its Creators

Andre L.Batts is the creator and founder of Urban Style Comics. A local comic book company located in Detroit Michigan. He explains how he was inspired to create his company. “As a kid growing up I was so much into comic books. I would get out of school rush to the store in my neighborhood to pick up the newest editions of the different Marvel comic characters such as the Avengers, X-Men, Spiderman, Doctor Strange and a host of others. But as years past by the Images in the Comic industry were dominated by the same majority race. Only a few images looked like myself and my surroundings.

Then in the early 1990′s there was the explosion of Black Characters and companies such as Milestone Media, Tribe and last but not least Big City Comics creation of Brother man.

This type of Ideology prevails in mainstream comics even to this day whether they want to acknowledge it or not . It is what it is! I feel that I am a part of a revolutionary approach to comics.


When asked if he thinks the mainstream industry will ever accept his style of work, and does it matter to him, Andre offered this reply. “When they’re ready for it ,yes. It matters if you’re in it only for financial gains. If you’re in it for the love of comics and Black culture, it doesn’t matter because those in the underground are going to continue to support your idea, which is more important to me.”

Jihad A.D


Jihad A.D

Urban Style Comics are available locally at Detroit comics and online directly from the company.

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