Dreadlocks Theme Song: Coming Of The First Born

Coming of the First Born
by Marc a.k.a. Poetic Menace of R.A.W.D.A.W.G. Records

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When I hooked up with Marc a.k.a. Poetic Menace of R.A.W.D.A.W.G. Records it was divine intervention. I met several individuals in the past that spoke on being in the Hip Hop industry and their interest in doing tracks for Urban Style Comics characters but none were as sincere about their craft as Poetic Menace. I already had some Hip Hop tracks that were previously composed by long time friend Tink Thomas so bringing the two together was the next logical step.

The very first beat I played for Poetic Menace seemed very appropriate for the character Dreadlocks with its distinct comic book sound. Poetic Menace quickly came up with lyrics making the song “Coming of the First Born” a reality. To continue the positive energy from our first project we decided to take the infusion of the character Dreadlocks with the lyrical talents of Poetic Menaces and his music. We decided to do the video “Come feel this” with an inclusion of art and visuals taken from the “Dreadlocks the Revelations” series.

Both projects have been the perfect bridge into the dominant Hip Hop culture of today. Hip Hop and Dreadlocks together is a powerful team, Dreadlocks would not have come as far as it has without Hip Hop. Just like Hip Hop, Urban Style Comics is utilizing similar same tools to reach the masses.

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