Dreadlocks “War of the Gods”

Dreadlocks has been summoned by the Gods of Alkebulan Kemet to help them in their cause for survival. The daughter of Apep, Serpentess has returned to earth to bring forth her former slave ,Vodum, who has been dead for 400 years. Serpentess needs to bring him back to life so that she can capture Dreadlocks. Serpentess battles against other evil beings who are also after Dreadlocks. She needs the Body of Dreadlocks so that she can infuse his blood into the planet Bloodstone. Bloodstone is not only a lifeless planet, but he is an exiled prisoner of the Gods, who have casted him away many aeons ago. Once Bloodstone Rises and expands beyond the Universe the Ship of Ra slows down. The Gods order that the powers of good (Blackwatch) and the power of evil (TheUnholy Desciples) come together for their own survival. Blackwatch and the Unholy Deciples battle against the duplicating forms of BloodStone  until the Gods are free from the rise of Apep.

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