Jihad A.D.

Jihad born as Johnny Lucas Served in the Military in 1992 as a Navy Seal. He went against the commands of his leading officer who was taking out innocent cilvilians only to find himself incarcerated in a military prison for 9 years. Once he gained his freedom from a military prison he began to search for himself and begin a new life only to find himself caught up in another bind, the world trade bombing. Lucas excepted islam in his life at the wrong time. A secret organization, unknown to the public eyes created conspiracies to destroy governments and people.
Lucas gets into a battle the conpirators only for his family to be sacrificed.He was the only one that the Moor’s could save from this fierce anhilation. Next thing you know he wakes up in the year of 2166. Now he is known as Jihad a.d. as he faces te same conspirators in a world that has been previously destroyed time and time again. He has the strentgh of 50 men, he has the skills of combat that he gained from being a seal and the ability to regenerate. The Moorish scientist have created an all out fighting machine in Jihad a.d.. The only problem is, he cant seem to remember anything about his past, only fragments of his former life.

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