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It’s great having a web site that attracts people of all ethnicity from around the world. I find it awesome to know that people are able to venture through our website and become familiar with the vast number of characters in the Urban Style Comics universe. It’s a feeling that cannot be explained in words. Although much of this has happened through our presence on the web, being on the web still doesn’t replace gaining new readership and fans of Dreadlocks like meeting people face to face in the real world.

This is the main reason Urban Style Comics has remained committed to participating in conventions across the states. We enjoy everything about the conventions, from the look on fans faces as they relate to the imagery to the lasting impression art work like that of cover artist Mshindo, a premier artists in the independent comic book world leaves on a fan.

Conventions are also a great time to catch up with old friends, network with other creative people and lastly get the actual product in the peoples hands.

After doing several Conventions we have come to realize there is nothing like being face to face with fans, vendors and spectators alike. Catching up with old friends, network with other creative people and getting the books in the hands of the people who enjoy it the most have become what we look forward to every time we go to a convention.

Simply put we love meeting and greeting all those that are at the shows and whether it is a Black expo, Comic Convention or World Festival, every appearance we make helps to grow our readership, friendships and us individually as creative people. Oh yeah! The costumes people wear are fun to look as well.

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  1. amare

    Big Brother Ra Hotep, I am feeling the spirit of this movement through the pics big time; I am ready to dive head first into this moniter, lol!!!! To see our people celebrate, commemorate, and to honor our own beauty that is in OUR CULTURE, to see this first hand I know you had to be over taken by this spirit cuz I am looking at these pictures and am feeling over run by this energy!!!! I see this children being given their image of their culture from a strong pure position by the clean hands of your staff and can only wonder the mass effects of watering these young seeds building their worth of the history, people and culture of what outcome can come of their lives or how this day can shift their destiny and so OURS AS A PEOPLE!!! I am so proud of this and of the works of you and your staff!!!

  2. urbanstylecomics

    Our culture is viewed by many in different ways… I am that I have found a medium to express truths to the next generation
    after me.

  3. I told my grhtdmonaer how you helped. She said, “bake them a cake!”

  4. It’s great to find an expert who can explain things so well

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