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Since 1995, have been a valuable resource for fans of the comic genre. Those that are under represented in the mainstream of the industry itself, due to the lack of color in the realm of SuperHeroes and SuperHeroines. USC is a very diversified company, working with people from all around the world as well as its own backyard. We never rest on our creativity.  we are always looking to improve and expand on our look and stories. 
Andre L. Batts recipient of the Spirit of Detroit Award February 16, 2018, grew up on the west side of Detroit. Andre had a close knit family with his Mom, Dad, Brother Grandmother and his many Cousins and of course Aunts and Uncles. They were all like Brothers and Sisters, but there was one difference, Andre was the only one that had a love for comic books. Growing up during the 70’s other kids would say to him, Man why are you always reading comic books. Andre had a love for comic books such as Dr. Strange, the X-men and the Avengers. He was a self taught artist, who learned to draw by looking at the images that were in the comics that he had been reading. Through time Andre stopped drawing due to becoming a teenager and discovering girls, at this time period Andre still occasionally picked up comics that he generally read as a child. He no longer bought his comics at the neighborhood store, but now Andre had to buy his comics at comic book specialty shops outside the urban Detroit area. It seemed to Andre that they were trying to keep African American from having access to these comics, unless they had the means to go into the suburbs.
After years have past by Andre had began studying the Medu Neter and all that was related to his African culture. He started realizing that there weren’t enough African American representation in comic books yet African Americans were spending a lot of money on comic books including him. Andre realized a lot of comic book stories stemmed from ancient African Myths and Spirituality. The Myths were watered down to fit characters such as Superman, the Xmen and others in the Marvel, D.C. Universes. So, Andre, being heavily influences by the books he read in his 20’s and 30’s as well as the music he listened to in the mid 80’s and early 90.s (Reggae and conscious Hip Hop) He began writing and writing and eventually developed his own likeness in his own African American character he created called Dreadlocks in 1993, he released his first Dreadlocks title in 1996; he has been rolling them out ever since.




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